Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
National Police Chief's Council

APCC & NPCC Partnership Summit 2023

15th - 16th November 2023, QEII Conference Centre, Westminster

2022 Summit Theme - Cutting Crime, Building Confidence


Day 1: Wednesday 9th November


Registration, Refreshments and Exhibition

Summit facilitated by Clive Myrie


Welcome from Martin Hewitt and Marc Jones

The NPCC and APCC Chairs each give a short speech outlining the key issues for policing and the main themes for the Summit - Cutting Crime and Building Confidence


Cutting crime, improving outcomes  

After the dip caused by the pandemic, recorded crime is on the increase and set to rise further. Some types of crime - sexual offending and fraud - are at record levels. Charging rates, however, are the lowest they’ve been since the data was compiled this way in 2015.

A crime and policing expert gives a presentation providing a clear and concise outline of the evidence on crime levels, charging rates, police officer numbers, policing demand, victim satisfaction and confidence - and projections. This is followed by a focused discussion between an expert panel on ways to increase charging rates, bolster confidence in alternatives to prosecution - and improve outcomes for victims.


Refreshment break


Police culture, public confidence

Trust in policing has been damaged by a series of events that have raised serious concerns about the culture of the service. What can chief constables and police and crime commissioners do to root out misogyny, homophobia and racism in the ranks? Does the police misconduct system need overhauling? Confidence in policing is said to be affected by visibility in communities and the way officers respond to incidents. If so, is this the key to building public confidence? A panel discussion between leading figures in policing and beyond, including questions from delegates.

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Keynote speech: a senior Government Minister

A senior Minister speaks to Summit delegates about the Government’s ‘Beating Crime’ plan, the officer uplift programme and police reform, with questions from delegates. 



Panel discussions with key figures from policing, criminal justice and the private sector. Discussions take place in different rooms, looking in depth at key issues:

Action on race
Will the National Police Chiefs’ Council and College of Policing’s ‘Police Race Action Plan’ deliver progress, does it go far enough, what has been the response of officers?

The People Trade
A record 12,000 victims of modern slavery were referred to the Home Office last year. The National Crime Agency estimates around 8,000 offenders in the UK are involved in the exploitation of people. But are police equipped to deal with the problem? The Anti-Slavery Commissioner says forces need to develop their capacity and capability.

Follow the leader
The College of Policing is setting up a National Leadership Centre. What are the ingredients for top quality leadership in the public sector – and what lessons can the police service learn from the way private sector companies are run and managed?


Refreshment break


Five from the Floor

Five PCCs & Chiefs each give a five-minute speech on practical ways to improve community safety before an expert panel debates the proposals. Delegates will then vote on which of the five options they would most like to adopt in their police force area.


Close of Day One


Drinks reception


DeloitteDinner, sponsored by Deloitte, with a keynote address from renowned Broadcaster and Journalist Clive Myrie.

Day 2: Thursday 10th November

08.00 Registration, Refreshments and Exhibition

Keynote speech: Senior Shadow Cabinet Minister

A senior Shadow Cabinet minister addresses the Summit on their plans for crime and policing, followed by questions from delegates.


Fighting Fraudsters

Fraud and computer misuse are the most common and fastest-growing crime types in England and Wales with an estimated 7 million offences last year. Yet the capacity and capability of law enforcement to tackle the problem is limited. So, what more can be done within existing resources? Are structural changes required? What role can industry play? A panel of police and fraud experts debate the issue.


Refreshment break


Breakouts: Panel discussions with key figures from policing, criminal justice and the private sector. Discussions take place in different rooms, looking in depth at key issues:

Policing protests
Police have been granted greater powers to deal with ‘non-violent’ protests - and proposed new legislation will extend the measures further. How will officers balance people’s right to protest with the need to prevent serious disruption to communities and businesses? Will the powers spark conflict between officers and demonstrators? What has been the experience so far?

KBRViolence against Women and Girls sponsored by KBR
The NPCC has a new framework to tackle violence against women and girls and five forces have adopted a new approach to rape cases, Operation Soteria. Is there tangible progress - and what further changes are needed?

It’s Anti-Social
One in four adults across England and Wales experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour last year - but are the tools and powers available to police sufficient to deal with the problem? What community projects have achieved success?


Violence against Women and Girls - Partnership Strategy Launch

The VAWG leads of the APCC and NPCC launch the new Partnership Strategy, followed by questions from delegates


Thank you - Martin Hewitt and Marc Jones close the Summit. 


Lunch and networking

*Programme and speakers may be subject to change.

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Priti Patel

Priti Patel

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